Edimax nMax Wireless 802.11n Gigabit Router


The Edimax nLite Wireless 802.11n Gigabit router has some great features that other, more expensive, routers lack. It is also very easy to configure, thanks to the EZmax wizard. The router looks great either laid flat on stood vertically, and the LED status display is simple, yet effective. The router sports 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports (1x WAN, 4x LAN), and this helps keep data transfers nippy. The data transfer speeds aren’t going to break any records, but they are still quite respectable, as was the working range of the router. As I said, I have often had problems within my property with connection drop-outs, and I have never experienced any since using the BR-6574n.

There are a few things I want to mention though, one of these being the fact that the router cannot transmit over the 5Ghz bands, and is restricted to 2.4Ghz. This won’t be a real problem unless your location is one which experiences radio interference.It should also be mentioned that this router does not have a built in modem. You would need to connect your modem to the router via the Ethernet WAN port to be able to establish an internet connection. For cable ISP connection users like myself, this is normal and not a problem.

All in all, I am very pleased with the BR-6574n. I have been using the router for a few weeks now, and I have nothing bad to report. I even managed to get a reliable wireless connection to my garage, something I have struggled with for the last two years. At the price point the router is at, I feel it would make a very worthy contender for anyone wishing to upgrade from an 802.11b/g router, or anyone considering going wireless for the first time. There are other routers out there that will beat the BR-6574 in features and performance, but you should expect to pay alot more for them.

The Edimax nLite Wireless 802,11n Gigabit router is available to purchase from Novatech for £59.98.


The Good
+ Very easy to set up.
+ Styling – Simple and effective.
+ Good data transfer rates & signal strength.
+ Very reasonably priced.
+ WPA RADIUS encryption


The Mediocre
* White may not be to everyones tastes, but thats a personal choice.
* Cannot transmit over 5Ghz bands.


The Bad
– Nothing to report



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