New Year’s Eve Mash Up

New Year's Eve Mash Up

New Year’s Eve Drinks


Well that was quick! As cliché as it sounds, time really has flown this time. Whether your year has been incredible, horrific or a mix of both, we’re sure that you will all be keen to see 2010 off in a big way.



New Year's Eve Mash Up


Some individuals might be venturing out into the city to eat, drink, party and chunder everywhere. However we at Overclock3D would like to offer you our top tips for a house party with your friends and family. Let’s face it, a night out on new year’s eve is crowded and potentially full of idiots; ultimately it’ll never be as intimate. Why go out to party when you can bring the party to your own home? Some might argue that a house party will be lacking in terms of beverage variety and atmosphere, however we’re not so certain of that.


Sit back as we discuss some of our favourite cocktails.