OC3D Best Of 2011 Awards

OC3D Best PC Hardware Products Of 2011


We review a lot of products during a year here at OC3D, some of them are great, some okay and some less so.

However there are always those bits of hardware that stick in the mind, the ones that really blew our socks off. The ones that, if we were building a rig, we’d be happy to buy. This led to some discussion about which items from each section we’d pick. Not only was this a perfect excuse to pop to the pub and have a heated debate, but we enjoyed it so much we thought we’d share the final list we arrived at.

So without further ado, bring on the fanfare and settle in with the last of your festive nibbles, as we present the Overclock3D Best of 2011. Please remember for a product to be considered for this it had to be RELEASED in 2011 not just available to buy. Please take a look at the following pages for all of the awarded products but TTL has been on the coffee again and made us all a monster video about the awards too!


Intel Core i7-2600K

OC3D Best Of 2011     OC3D Best Of 2011

Starting with the first decision anyone has to make when building a rig, which socket, and therefore which processor, will be the heart of your system? For us there is only one winner, the Intel Core i7-2600K. Although the Core i7-3960X was ridiculously fast, it is also ridiculously expensive, whereas the 2600K provides all the performance you could ever desire at a very reasonable price. Hyperthreading, great overclocking performance. It’s the Daddy.

You can read our review here or watch the video review here.