Enermax Liberty 620w Modular ATX PSU


Introduced almost 2 years ago, the modular power supply design was a great hit among case modders and those who took pride in keeping their PC cases tidy. Since then the modular design has had time to mature, and higher wattage units have been released into the market.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Liberty 620w modular unit from Enermax. This power supply is actually one of the highest rated modular units available on the market at the moment, and being an avid case modder myself I am highly interested in how this unit performs.

About Enermax

“Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in1990 by a group of young professional, enthusiastic, and high-tech oriented people in Taiwan . The Enermax founders left high-profile positions from prestigious computer firms, bringing over 10 years of professional experiences to our own firm.

All materials and components are tested at each stage of production. We also conduct random checks on products before and after packaging, and product inspection before delivery. Our QC and testing equipments are mostly imported from Japan.”


Everybody has heard of Enermax, so it’s no surprise that they have decided to keep the packaging on the Liberty series nice and plain and just let their name do to the talking.

I have to admit really liking the silver and white colour scheme of the packing which, in my opinion looks fresh and professional.

Liberty 620w Box Liberty 620w Box

Liberty 620w Box Liberty 620w Box

The front and top of the packing show a picture of the liberty in all its glory, along with some basic features of the unit. Also placed on the front of the box is a holographic sticker showing that the unit is rated at 620w and is complete with PCI-Express connectors.

On the side of the box Enermax have placed a label containing some more detailed information about the Liberty. Here we can see that the unit has a total of 6 rails, 2 of which are +12v rails, each rated at 22 amps, with a combined output of 36 amps. The +3.3v and +5v rails are also well endowed, coming in at 28 and 32 amps respectively.

Liberty 620w Box Liberty 620w Cable
Included in the box are the following items:

– Enermax Liberty manual
– Power cable
– ATX case screws
– Enermax sticker
– Enermax velcro pouch containing modular cables
– Enermax Liberty 620w PSU

Enermax have paid special attention to packaging the power supply in an attempt prevent any damage coming to its paintwork. The unit is contained within a cardboard sleeve and placed in a bubble-wrap bag which should prevent most knocks and scratches.

A nice addition to the Liberty package is the velcro pouch which contains all of your modular cables. The only down side is that the pouch isn’t really suitable for any other purposes. It would have been nice if the pouch could have been used to store cd’s or some of your screwdrivers.