Immortal Gaming Review

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Often when choosing the latest and greatest hardware for your computer, we are met with stores that, sure, often stock what we are after, but we cannot help feeling that there are continuously inferior products clouding our choices and merely getting in the way of our purchases. Often we have dreamt about a company that specialises in purely what the hardware enthusiast wants, that being the latest and greatest. Thankfully the Gods have answered our calls in the form of Immortal Gaming. A company based on the ethics of providing “the most elite gaming components and accessories available.”
So who is Immortal Gaming? Why are they here? Let’s have a look at what they have to say for themselves:
“First the background, Immortal Gaming was conceived by a group of elite dedicated hardcore PC gamers. Like all hardcore gamers, we were always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, to have the edge over lesser mortals and make that deadly shot count…Let’s face it; none of us want to left behind on the battlefield.

Over recent times that has become increasingly difficult, so many products being offered to us by so many companies, all claiming to be the quickest, smoothest most extreme on the planet…

Looking through page after page of substandard hardware of no use to us serious gamers was getting tedious.

Being avid gamers for the last 18 years, we know what’s hot and what’s not. We know the needs of the ever growing gaming community and what they demand from their hardware for when it gets tough in the heat of battle and every millisecond or fps counts.

Immortal Gaming has worked extremely hard to be able to offer a FOCUSED line of the most elite gaming components and accessories available. It is our mission to constantly search the world over to bring you the most extreme gaming hardware from trusted, proven manufacturers.”

IMG website Sounds good to me, but can they deliver the goods (literally)? Let us start by looking at their website and the ordering system. Initial impressions of the website are that it uses a clean and relative “gamer” look and in my opinion one of the cleanest E-commerce sites we have seen to date. All the components are nicely arranged under their respective sections (Processors etc.) and then into sub sections (AMD, Intel etc.).
All of the prices on offer for us in my current upgrade (Intel Q6600 and an Asus Maximus Formula x38) were of very good value and were actually the best price we could find for any E-commerce site we could find and be happy purchasing from.
The delivery options were somewhat limited but for next day delivery under £10 (in my purchase anyway) who’s complaining?
There is one gripe we had when purchasing off the site and it came in the form of their payment system. From what we gathered, upon completion of checkout, your order is placed but payment needs to be completed to make it valid. We can see this being a pain for the company if a large amount of orders came through, having to match each payment to each order before dispatching. Users are then redirected to an external payment page (secure none the less) to then reinsert all of their details (address etc.) to finalise the payment. This could just be me being picky but there has to be something to moan about. We think this is mainly down to how new the company is, and an integrated system will be in place in the near future.
So the order has been placed with next day delivery (order placed on a Sunday, so we will be expecting it Tuesday) so the wait all enthusiasts hate is upon us.
Tuesday is here and there is a knock at the door and a white box greets us. It’s too small to be the components so what it can be. Upon opening it we find a customised letter thanking for my purchase and the statement telling me we are “On the path to becoming Immortal”. A cool sports cap was also included – very nice touch and excellent after sales, just what we like to see.
IMG cap
So where was the parcel? It came up to 2pm and hopes were somewhat low so we emailed Immortal Gaming. Within half an hour we had a reply including a tracking number. Quick response and just what we wanted. Keep it up!
Funnily enough, as soon as we had tracked it, a TNT van pulled up outside with the goodies. Now let’s see if the parts arrived in one piece!
The box was a bit battered but this was courtesy of TNT couriers. The only time we could probably hold Immortal accountable was if they personally delivered the hardware to your door, but until then we can hold them accountable for packaging or potentially lack of!
Upon opening the box we found my parts all in one piece. Brown paper padding was used to protect components from major abuse (recyclable brown paper may we add) and the only problem was my motherboard box was a bit creased on the corners but nothing to get upset about here. Good job Immortal.
Maximus box with Quad-core