Corsair Flash Voyager 32gb Review

Corsair are best known amongst the enthusiast community for their high performance gaming memory, the Dominator series. However, today we will be looking at something with a very different purpose, in the form of a USB flash drive.  Storing data on solid state chips rather than platters means that flash drives are far more compact, yet still offer a reasonable amount of storage space, as well as being far more resilient to the occasional knock.
For today’s review, Corsair sent us a 32gb Drive, although a variety of drives ranging from a lowly 4gb all the way to an impressive 64gb are available. Unfortunately Corsair don’t list any specs for these drives on their site, instead only offering information on how many files each drive can store. Here is a piece of such information taken from the Corsair site.
The figures don’t really tell you an awful lot about the drive, but if you have a large selection of photos or videos that you would like to back up, the table could be rather handy. There isn’t a lot we can say about the drive without any concrete specs from Corsair, so it only seems fair that we begin our examination of the drive. Head on over to the next page for the product pictorial.