Corsair Flash Voyager Port

Backing up all your important data can be a lengthy and tedious process, but for many people it is absolutely vital. Corsair, well known for listening to it’s customer base,  feels it has come up with a solution to the back-up headache, with their Flash Voyager Port.
As part of their market research, Corsair ran a survey on the website to see what computer users were looking for in data back-up. There were some interesting findings, the report for which can be viewed here.  Armed with their research, Corsair then set about developing the Voyager Port, for which the specification can be found below.
* Works with any flash drive
But it looks best with Corsair Flash Voyagers!

* One button backup
Simply press the button to backup your important files

* Award-winning NovaBackup 10 software included – worth $50
Easy-to-use, powerful backup software. Create backup scripts and even create a full snapshot of your PC to safeguard your data in the event of a system failure

* No external power required
Power is supplied by the USB 2.0 bus

* Stylish and compact
Practical and also more ‘fun’ than a typical brick-shaped HDD backup device

The inclusion of NovaBackup will certainly be useful, and my guess is Corsair have worked with NovaStor to include compatibility with the one touch button on the Voyager Port. The ability to work with any flash drive is also useful for people who already own a large drive and do not wish to buy a new one, although Corsair do say it looks best with one of their own Flash Voyager drives.
So, without further delay, lets take a look at the device itself…