Mushkin Callisto 120GB SSD Revisited


There seems to be a very common keyword across our series of benchmarks; inconsistency. As with the vast majority of Sandforce SF-1200 powered SSDs the performance of the drives can vary wildly from test to test. This is a rather interesting trait that we haven’t previously experienced with other SSDs but you have to look beyond these quirks to fully appreciate them.

Despite any inconsistencies in read performance, we found write performance to be much improved in terms of both reliability as well as minimum and maximum transfer rates. Returning to the previous review, we still maintain our views regarding the Callisto 120GB drive. On the whole its performance is competitive and it is priced to reflect that. At around £200, it is pitched directly against competitors such as the Crucial C300 128GB. While the Crucial offers considerably higher read speeds, its write speeds are often well below the Mushkin Callisto. After the (occasionally) improved read speeds and more consistent write speeds, the Mushkin continues to be a worthy purchase.

The Good
– Competitive Read/Write Performance
– TRIM Support

The Mediocre
– While competitive, Read/Write Targets were not met.

The Bad
– None