Patriot Inferno 60GB SSD Review

Patriot Inferno 60GB SSD Review


The days in which a Solid State Drive existed solely for the wealthy, and all the affordable ones were woefully inadequate in performance terms, are long gone.

Nowadays you can buy a good OS sized drive for just shy of a hundred pounds, which is excellent value considering the speed and noise benefits over a mechanical one.

Recently we have seen a new controller taking its place amongst the Indilinx and Samsung ones of this world, namely the Sandforce. Last time we looked at it it was as part of the OCZ Vertex 2 and we felt that it just didn’t have all the bugs ironed out of it yet. Peak performance was alright, but it couldn’t sustain it anywhere near as well as the more mature controllers available.

Patriot are well known as the manufacturer of good quality affordable DIMMs, so let’s see how their affordable Solid State effort fares.

Technical Specifications

Thankfully the tendency of manufacturers to overstate the capabilities of their products has greatly lessened over the years as reviews have been easier to find on the Information Superhighway.

From our previous experience we’re slightly dubious of the maximum quoted speeds, but hopefully the time between reviews has enabled the bugs to be ironed out and the performance kept more consistent.

Patriot Inferno 60GB SSD Review