SIIG ExpressCard 34 11-in-1 Media Card Reader

Posted 07/08/2006
Author: Matt Krei (FragTek)
Hardware Acquired: Newegg

It’s been well over a decade since the release of the PCMCIA standard which took notebook expandability to a new level. These days notebooks are getting smaller and slimmer by the day and the time has finally come to replace the bulky PCMCIA standard with something a little more modern. ExpressCard is the newest PC Card technology on the block which comes in two flavors. There’s the ExpressCard 34 and ExpressCard 54, but of which are smaller than the original PCMCIA Type 1 PC card. The 34mm version is the most compact and less common of the two at this point. The 54mm version has a few more cards for the standard right now including SATAII connectivity, serial port connectivity, and the likes. The card being tested today is a 34mm flash media card reader/writer made by SIIG. The card will be tested on a new MacBook Pro under Mac OS X and Windows XP Pro SP2.
The packaging of this card is what you would expect of an item such as this. It simply comes packed up nicely in a clean custom blister pack for display on a retail rack. The front of the package is very plain with a white background, what kind of card it is, and a small compatibility emblem which only states its compatibility with Windows OS’s.
Front Side Packaging
The back side of the packaging is nothing too special either. Again we have the plain white background, a small picture of the card, the system requirements, and package contents.
Back Side Packaging
All in all the packaging is very very plain and dull. I guess you can’t really expect much for a piece of hardware that serves a fairly unexciting purpose. Let’s have a look at the specifications next…