MSI GE62 7RE Camo Squad Review

MSI GE62 7RE Camo Squad Review


Laptops have a tendency of being a little bit samey. It’s very difficult – without an in-depth knowledge of hardware – to spot the differences between many models, particularly when they all use very similar chassis for their range.

MSI are more guilty than most when it comes to this, with an endless array of models. Yes it might be easy to understand that the GT83 7RF Titan SLI will bring you outstanding performance, but what exactly is the difference between the GE62VR 7RF, GE72VR 7RF, GE72VR 6RF, GE72VR 7RF and GE62VR 6RF, all of which are equipped with the GTX 1060? And that’s just a single GPU. It’s almost a bewildering selection. If you didn’t know, the GE, GS, and GT part are gradual steps up the range, the 62s have 15.6″ displays whilst the 72s have 17.3″ displays, and the 6 or 7RF part refers to whether it’s a 6th or 7th Generation Intel CPU. So a GE62 7RE would be a low to mid-range 15.6″ 7th Generation CPU.

Oh, that’s handy, that’s the model we have on test today.

However, unlike the above examples this is a Camo Squad edition, which guarantees that you wont get it confused with any other model in the MSI range. Complete with a desert MARPAT style camouflage and a selection of accessories as well as a full copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands, all for a very affordable price it could be just the thing to scratch your portable gaming itch.

Technical Specifications

Windows 10
7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i5 7300HQ Processor
GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 2GB GDDR5
15.6″ Full HD 1080P IPS panel
Exclusive Cooler Boost 4 Technology
The X Boost function from MSI technology supports faster storage access speed
Dragon Center provides six functions to give total control
WTFast free premium license for 2-month
USB Type-C reversible plug
Exclusive SHIFT technology boosts performance under controlled noise & temperature
Nahimic Sound 2 Technology delivering 360° immersive audio experience
Audio Boost enhancing the gaming headset sound detail and sound stage
Keyboard by Steelseries with RGB backlighting
Killer Gigabit LAN Controller Killer Shield 802.11 ac
Matrix Display supporting 4K output up to 2 external monitors