MSI TurboBook GX600 Gaming Notebook

Packaging & Accessories

Packaging & Accessories
The very last thing you want after dropping a tidy £850 down for a brand new notebook, is for it to get smashed up by the courier. As we can see from below, the GX600 is delivered in a double walled cardboard box printed with the MSI logo. The sides of the outer box also have stickers affixed that tell you exactly what model notebook is contained within.
MSI GX600 Box MSI GX600 Inner-Box
MSI GX600 Bag MSI GX600 Headphones
Inside the box you will find the notebook contained within its own (slightly more snazzy) black cardboard box with G Series logo's printed on all sides, an MSI red and black rucksack and a set of rather tacky looking gaming headphones complete with a microphone.
MSI GX600 Inner-Box Open MSI GX600 Accessories
MSI GX600 Accessories MSI GX600 Accessory CD's
The notebook is well protected inside the inner packaging, and sits roughly in the middle of the box thanks to the cardboard spacers. As you'd expect the GX600 comes with everything required to get you up and running including a Lite-On mains charger, power cord, battery, manuals and Windows Vista disks. Also included is a cleaning cloth to help keep the reflective surface of the notebook fingerprint free.
MSI GX600 Battery MSI GX600 Mouse
Going in for a closer look we can see that the battery included with the GX600 is a 10.8v Lithium Ion model rated at 4800mAh. This is fairly average for a fully fledged notebook, but it would have been nice to see something slightly beefier considering notebooks such as ASUS's EEE PC are now provided with 5400mAh batteries.
Also included in the package is a 5 button gaming mouse complete with sensitivity control and the same reflective black surface seen on the headphones (and indeed the notebook itself). However, while this is most certainly a nice touch by MSI, I doubt many gamers will be switching from their existing mice.
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Most Recent Comments

12-05-2008, 12:30:39

Great review, Jim, but as stated, the design looks rather poor. Although it performs, I'd probably check around for other alternatives before settling with this one. But then again, I tend to go for bigger HDD's, screens and such, as it is a notebook. Quote

12-05-2008, 12:45:36

I have a feeling the 7200rpm drives generally use more power - I judge that merely by having replaced some 5400rpms with them and noticing a great deal more heat. They work well enough tho.

Have to be honest, the design looks pretty cheap to me and the specs, although looking pretty good with the benchies don`t push me towards wanting to part with £850 for one.

Flimsy feeling case - for a gamer - it should be shrouded in rubber and polystrene black-taped to it (probably wouldn`t help with the heat tho lol)

Don`t like these turbo-boost ideas either. I can remember turbo buttons on old pcs.

Bet it works a treat tho, as per the great review. (I`d buy the Acer with the lesser spec tbh, or look for a newer spec`d Acer)Quote

12-05-2008, 12:51:57

Im impressed that it nearly reached 3ghz!Quote

12-05-2008, 14:35:50

Mr. Smith
Gaming + notebook = FAIL. If you want to play games at decent res/settings you need a desktop.

Quite impressed with the CPU OC though Quote

12-05-2008, 15:25:20

if i was going to buy a laptop, i would buy a dell, as their build quality is better

this doesnt offer a very good spec, or a very good build quality for the price it seems

good review though Quote

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