The PCO Group Intel I7 Gaming PC


Here at Overclock3D we get through a mass of different component reviews, as do most other self respecting hardware review sites. Today we’re going to take a step back form the normal in-depth look at a single part, and review a full system. The machine under the spotlight today comes form a company that I for one hadn’t heard of before, The PCO Group. The company boasts over ten years experience in the field and a dedication to providing the customers with guaranteed satisfaction from both the products and service they offer.
Here’s a little snippet form their own site:
ThePCOgroup is an established provider and manufacturer of custom built PC systems. The systems we provide range from budget systems, professional workstations, high end gaming systems and media centres. Our aim as a company is to provide our customers with quality systems comprising of the only top quality branded hardware and software at the best possible prices. We know what you’re thinking… we say the same as every other company, but we guarantee that we do provide quality as well as providing a top notch service. We feel that it is important to offer a complete service whether it’s Budget, gaming, home theatre or maybe repair we have the option for you…
A bold and positive approach to solving any problems that their customers experience, focusing on care and honesty toward those who purchase a system. Weather it be a super high end gaming rig or a budget Internet machine.
The system that The PCO Group have sent us for testing falls into the ‘high end gaming rig category’ with ease. Consisting of the following jaw dropping (and wallet hammering) components:
CPU – Core i7 920 CPU Overclocked to 3.8GHz
HDD – 640GB Western Digital Hard drive
RAM – OCZ 6GB 1333MHz 3x2GB
Motherboard – ASUS P6T Deluxe
Optical – Samsung DVD-RW (SATA)
GFX – 1792MB Nvidia GTX295
PSU – Coolermaster 1000W Gaming PSU
CASE – Antec 1200 gaming case
CPU COOLER – Thermal take CL-P0310 CPU Cooler
Certainly not for the light hearted casual user, the system packs an awful punch. The I7 920 offering cutting edge processing power, able to handle modern multi threaded applications and games. 6GB of ram allowing multitasking as many applications as you like and the GTX295 will provide a solid frame rate in the most demanding of modern games.
All that power doesn’t come cheap however. Weighing it at a hefty £1499.99, the system isn’t designed with the cash light in mind.
Box1 Box2
Top Package
Packaging is always an area that concerns me. Especially when it comes to fully built rigs. They can easily be under packaged and end up tuned into mashed metal at the hands of abusive couriers. The system came packaged in the 1200 box, with the usual sturdy polystyrene inserts holding everything in place. It was nice to see an extra bit of packing paper shoved down the sides to aid protecting the valuable content. But it wasn’t quite the extra mile. 
Next up we’ll take a look at the machine itself…