ASUS showcases their ROG Maximus Z890 Hero BTF motherboard at Computex

ASUS “Arrow Lake” ROG Maximus Z890 Hero BTF motherboard appears at Computex 2024

Manufacturers are showcasing next-generation Intel LGA1851 designs at Computex, with Intel preventing them from using the name Z890 and “Arrow Lake” on their displays. To say the least, Intel are not fooling anyone. What we have here at the ASUS booth is the ROG Maximus Z890 Hero BTF, a new back connect motherboard for Intel’s next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs.

Intel has confirmed that Arrow Lake will be launching in Q4 2024. Beyond that, we know that LGA1851 motherboards will support LGA1700 compatible CPU coolers. With this motherboard design from ASUS, we can see that it supports “Graphics Card High Power”, allowing back-connect powered graphics cards to be used with this motherboard.

(Images from TechPowerUp)

Other features that this motherboard should support include WIFI 7, PCIe 5.0 connectivity, DDR5 memory support, and Thunderbolt 4. CPU-wise, we expect great things with Arrow Lake. Intel has already stated that their new Skymont E-cores are on-par with Raptor Lake’s P-cores, and we know that their new P-cores will be even stronger.

Currently, we expect Intel to reveal Arrow Lake at Intel Innovation 2024. Here, we expect Intel to reveal Arrow Lake and Z890. Currently, we expect Intel’s next-generation desktop CPUs to release in October or November 2024. This will start with the release of Intel’s high-end K-series SKUs.

You can join the discussion on ASUS’ ROG Maximus Z890 Hero BTF motherboard on the OC3D Forums.

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