Lian Li reveals a range of “Wireless” (WRLS) RGB and fan tech at Computex

Wireless RGB? Lian Li has changed the game at Computex 2024

If you have built a PC before, you will probably know that RGB components can result in a cable management nightmare. RGB fan setups typically have two cables coming from each fan, with one delivering fan power/speed controls while the other is an RGB signal. Times that by however many fans you have, and you get a tonne of cable mass to hide. At Computex 2024, Lian Li has changed that with their new WRLS (Wireless) RGB/fan control system.

Ok, it’s not completely wireless

Let’s be clear here, Lian Li has not created wireless fans. Power has to come from somewhere, and that power comes through a wire. Even so, Lian Li’s WRLS hardware does have a wireless aspect, and that aspect is control. Using a dingle, Lian Li WRLS users can control both the speed and RGB lighting of their fans and other compatible wireless components without additional cables. That means that Lian Li users only need to deal with power delivery cables, and their daisy-chainable fans can greatly cut down on that cable clutter.

Below we can see the power connector for Lian Li’s UNI FAN SLV3 WRLS fans. This connector can magnetically attach to your fans to provide power through a PWM fan connector. Note that this cable does not deliver PWM signals to your fans. It only delivers power. Users can also use this connector to wrap up and hide excess cable, which is a neat feature.

This dongle is what makes it WRLS

Below you can see Lian Li’s wireless RGB dongle. It can be connected to your PC through an internal USB header or externally using a USB Type-A header. If you want to control the speeds of your fans, you will need to connect it to a PWM header inside your PC. Using Lian Li’s software, users can wirelessly control the fans and RGB components inside their systems. One neat perk is that thids dongle can control fans and RGB lights outside of your PC. Well, assuming that they are compatible, powered, and within range. Interesting!

Alongside their new fans, Lian Li has created a version of their STRIMER PLUS V3 RGB power cables that can be controlled using Lian Li’s WRLS tech.

If you want to see more of what Lian Li had at Computex 2024, you can see their newly announced PC cases here.

You can join the discussion on Lian Li’s WRLS RGB control system on the OC3D Forums.

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