DLSS 3.5 is coming to Star Wars Outlaws with Ray Reconstruction

Star Wars Outlaws is going to be an RTX showcase on PC with DLSS 3.5 and RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI)

At Computex 2024, Nvidia has confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws will be coming to PC with a huge number of Nvidia technologies. For starters, Star Wars Outlaws will support Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5 technology, adding DLSS Super Resolution, Frame Generation, and Ray Reconstruction to the game on PC. Beyond that, the game will feature support for Nvidia’s RTX  Direct Illumination (RTXDI) lighting tech.

Alongside RTX  Direct Illumination (RTXDI), Star Wars Outlaws will support ray traced reflections and global illumination on PC. Furthermore, the game will support lower input latencies on Nvidia GeForce hardware thanks to Nvidia Reflex.

All-in-all, Star Wars Outlaws is set to be a major Nvidia RTX showcase when it launches on PC on August 30th. In the trailer below, Nvidia has showcased Outlaws with DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction enabled and disabled, showcasing the impact of Nvidia’s latest tech on the game’s visuals.

At Computex 2024, Nvidia has not revealed a new form of DLSS. However, they have found a new use for AI with their G-Assist technology. They have also revealed that Microsoft Copilot is getting GPU support this year.

You can join the discussion on Star Wars Outlaws supporting Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5 tech on the OC3D Forums.

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