EA showcases Dead Space remake footage – Early Graphics Comparison

EA showcases Dead Space remake footage - Early Graphics Comparison

EA showcases Dead Space remake footage – Early Graphics Comparison

In July, EA confirmed that Dead Space was getting remade by EA Motive, recreating the classic horror shooter with enhanced visuals, additional content, and story changes. 

This week, EA showcased their remaster as part of a recent livestream, allowing gamers to see in-development footage of the remastered classic. As part of this steam, EA Motive discussed Dead Space’s body destruction system, which has been significantly changed to highlight the amount of damage players have inflicted on their opponents.  


   The body destruction technology that we’re developing, that is allowing us to really remove the flesh off of the bones of the enemy, and to give you a good sense not only of gore … but also of how much damage am I doing to the opponent,” creative director Roman Campos-Oriola said. “Is my weapon actually useful against this one? How close is it to dying? That’s something that to me is really interesting.

With the game’s remake, EA Motive wants to create a game that’s true to its source material while delivering major improvements to the game. In short, EA Motive wants to make Dead Space relevant to today’s gamers, requiring upgraded visuals, improved audio and stronger gameplay. 

One change being made is that Isaac Clarke, the game’s protagonist, will speak in Dead Space’s remake. Isaac was a silent protagonist in the original game, though the character spoke in the game’s sequels. For Dead Space’s remake, Gunner Wright, Isaac Clake’s original voice actor for Dead Space 2/3, will be returning to voice the game’s protagonist. 

In Dead Space’s remake, Isaac will only speak under two circumstances. He will only when spoken to, and he will only speak in situations where it would be weird if he didn’t. So don’t expect Isaac to be overly vocal in Dead Space’s upcoming remake. 

Below we can see how Dead Space’s PS3-era original compares to its remake graphically. Below we can see that Isaac and the hallway that he’s in are significantly more detailed and that the game’s lighting and environmental effects have received significant graphical upgrades. This boost in detail highlights exactly why Dead Space is ready to get remade. 

What we see below represents an in-development build of Dead Space’s remake, which means that the game’s visuals are likely to improve before the game’s launch. At this time, Dead Space’s remake doesn’t have a release date. 

EA showcases Dead Space remake footage - Early Graphics Comparison  EA showcases Dead Space remake footage - Early Graphics Comparison
Dead Space’s planned remake will be launching on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. EA has confirmed that the game will not feature any microtransactions. 

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