Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is due to come to PC next year

Insomniac Games Leak reveals Spider-Man 2’s PC release plans

Insomniac Games has suffered a major data breach, and that has resulted in a lot of the company’s information leaking onto the web. One detail that has leaked is Insomniac Games’ release plans for Spider-Man 2 on PC. Currently, the game is due to arrive in FY2025.

FY2025 April 2024 to March 2025. Assuming that the game is completed on schedule, PC gamers can expect to see Spider-Man 2 on their platform within the next year or so. Insomniac are said to be investing £4.6 million in developing the game’s PC version. This is almost double what was spent on Spider-Man Remastered’s PC release.

Based on other leaked information, Insomniac Games also plans to bring Spider-Man 3 and their upcoming Wolverine game to PC.

Recently leaked PlayStation PC sales data has confirmed strong sales for Insomniac’s titles on Steam. In less than six months, Spider-Man Remastered sold over 1.3 million copies on Steam alone. Insomniac reportedly spent $2.3 million on Spider-Man Remastered’s PC version. That means that Insomniac has more than recouped their development costs with Spider-Man’s PC version.

PC is a hugely profitable platform for Sony. The cost of porting their games to PC is relatively low, and their games tend to generate more than enough sales to recoup those costs quickly. This is why Sony are bringing their games to PC.

PC gamers should expect to see Spider-Man 2 on PC before the end of March 2025. However, we do not expect to see the game arrive on PC before October 2024. We expect Sony to give Spider-Man 2 one year of PlayStation 5 exclusivity.

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