Ray Tracing has arrived in Atomic Heart with update

Ray Tracing has arrived in Atomic Heart, but you will need a GPU with 12GB of memory or more

Atomic Heart was an early RTX showcase for Nvidia. Early trailers for the game showcased the power of ray tracing technology, and the impact that it can have on a game’s visuals. At launch, the game lacked support for ray tracing on PC and consoles, but now, over a year later, Atomic Heart has been updated with ray tracing support on PC.

To enable ray tracing within Mundfish’s alternative universe shooter, players will need a DXR compatible graphics card with 12GB of memory or more. This is bad news for many Nvidia GPU users. This 12GB memory requirement means that GeForce RTX 3080, and RTX 4060 Ti GPU owners shouldn’t enable ray tracing.

Ray tracing will be available in three modes, Performance, Balanced, and Quality. Mundfish’s patch notes state that enabling ray tracing will disable AMD FSR. Even with ray tracing, player reflections are not visible in Atomic Hearts.

What kind of ray tracing does Atomic Heart support? Sadly, the game’s patch notes don’t say. We know that Ray traced reflections are features. After all, the game’s patch notes mention player reflections. Ray traced shadows were mentioned in Nvidia’s early marketing materials for Atomic Heart. However, it is unknown update adds this feature.

You can join the discussion on Atomic Heart’s ray tracing update on the OC3D Forums.

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