Update 1.3 for WRC will address the game’s PC performance issues and shader stutters

EA’s addressing WRC’s PC performance issues with tomorrow’s update

2023 has not been a good year for EA games on PC. Most of them have exhibited some kind of stuttering issues, and what makes matters worse is that many of these games stutter to this day. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor still has issues. Dead Space’s PC remake still has stutters. Most recently, EA Sports’ WRC has had stutter issues on PC, but that is about to change with update 1.3.

Right now, the PC version of WRC has major stuttering issues. These stutters are due to the game’s lack of shader pre-compilation. This results in game stutters or stalls when players race on a new track for the first time. These stutters can also happen on tracks when different weather conditions are used. This is a huge problem for a racing game with a large number of tracks and weather options.

Thanks to update 1.3, WRC will soon run a lot better on PC. The update aims to deliver general improvements to framerates and stability on all platforms. What’s better is that WRC’s PC version is getting a shader pre-compilation step.

Shader Compilation stutter should not be present in any modern PC game

While the game has rather modest PC system requirements, WRC’s lack of shader pre-compilation resulted in poor framerate stability on all gaming PCs. No matter how powerful your PC is, shader compilation causes framerate stutters. This delivers a sub-par experience for all PC players.

Honestly, it is crazy to think that a publisher the size of EA is releasing PC games with such a glaring flaw. Shader compilation stutters are a well known problem and the fixes for it are also well known. It has taken EA Sports less than a week to patch a shader pre-compilation step into WRC. That alone should tell us that EA could have easily addressed this issue ahead of launch. EA needs to adjust their quality control measures to ensure that similar issues are not present in their future PC games.

Patch 1.3 for WRC will be released on November 8th. Full elease notes for update 1.3 are available to read here.

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