Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Review

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Review


We haven’t long reviewed the Corsair HS35, which was a very affordable stereo headset with a 3.5mm jack for those of you who don’t want to break the bank on your audio, or perhaps want a second pair that you don’t mind throwing in a bag on your way to a gaming convention.

Today’s review is the Corsair HS45. A headset which is identical to the HS35 in every regard, except it has the ability to connect to a USB for some virtual surround action. Otherwise it will be familiar to anyone who has looked at the HS35 in both design and end result terms.

With the HS range Corsair have focussed upon delivering a comfortable, good sounding headset which can connect to pretty much everything, and all at an entry level price that neither requires hard saving nor too much gnashing of teeth if you accidentally leave it on the bus.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

Technical Specifications

As befits an entry level model the HS45 Surround utilises drivers with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, far and away the most common response for gaming headsets. It steps away from the competition by going with 50mm drivers instead of the more common 40mm, and this helps make the most of that frequency response. At a mere 260g it’s very light, and ticks all of the boxes at the affordable end of the market.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Review