Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Review

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Review

Up Close

The HS45 Surround package is in Corsair’s usual searing yellow hue, making it easier to spot in a crowd than someone with a pink beehive hairdo.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Box  

In the box we have the headset itself, the detachable microphone, the virtual 7.1 USB adaptor and a quick reference guide. Corsair manuals are always well written and presented, and whilst this particular headset might be easy to use without it we like that they continue to put the effort in even for products with as little complication as this.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Contents  

Comfort is a key element of any headset. Nobody wants something which presses into your head or feels like it will fall off at the slightest sneeze, and the Corsair HS45 Surround combines deep, soft, ear pieces with plenty of headband support. Wrap this up with the light weight nature and you can wear this for many hours without issue.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Foam ear cups  
Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Headband padding  

Despite the low cost there is no compromise to build quality with the HS45 Surround sporting a metal band to enhance rigidity and thus longevity.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Height adjustment  

The microphone mute button and volume wheel are on the left hand side of the HS45 Surround, keeping the controls in easy reach rather than having to fumble about trying to find the in-line remote in the folds of your t-shirt or, in this weather, your jumper.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Controls  

The microphone is flexible and, most importantly, detachable. Nobody wants to walk about with a microphone dangling in front of them. It clips in securely too and with a notch ensuring that it always locates properly you also wont end up with the receiver facing the wrong way.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Microphone  
Corsair HS45 Surround Headset Detachable  

With the 3.5mm jack the HS45 Surround will work in stereo mode with almost anything you can think of to plug it into. Want to stick it in your PS4 or XBOX One pad, go ahead. Using your Switch on the train? Sorted. If you’re going to attach it to your PC then there is an adaptor which either allows the virtual 7.1 surround or just simplifies the connectivity if your front panel audio isn’t hooked up.

Corsair HS45 Surround Headset 7.1 Surround USB adaptor