Corsair HS80 MAX Wireless Headset Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Corsair HS80 Max Review


Wireless technology has reached the stage now where it’s found in almost everything this side of a kettle. When wireless was first introduced into peripherals there was so much lag that most of us couldn’t be bothered. As it improved so the lag reduced but the lifespan was terrible. Battery technology has always lagged behind, as anyone with a smart phone will attest. Now though, the quality of the connection, it’s stability, and the lifespan of the batteries has meant there is a freedom to wireless of which you’d be crazy to not take advantage. The Corsair HS80 Max is the latest in a long line of wireless Corsair headsets, and with a white one on hand, or rather on head, we gave it a listen.

Headsets are the one area in computing where we think wireless really wins. Sure a wireless mouse is fine, but you need to see your screen to utilise it, so it just becomes annoying in a marathon battle to lose power. Similarly a wireless keyboard is cool for consoles, but less useful on your desk. Obviously wireless controllers are amazing. If you’ve gone retro with your console and had to sit in the middle of the floor it is easy to appreciate the benefit of a wireless pad.

Headsets though, very useful. You can grab a drink and still talk to your team mates. Or listen to your audiobook. Or Netflix. Plus you haven’t got a cable constantly tied up in your clothing. It’s a win win. The Corsair HS80 Max supports both PS4/5 and Mac as well as PC, but it’s the PC that we’ll be testing on today.

Technical Specifications

Corsair HS80 Max Specifications

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