Corsair HS80 MAX Wireless Headset Review

Up Close

Corsair HS80 Max Review

Up Close

Corsair continue to use their famous yellow colouring on their box, and it’s something we want to see continue. Too many companies go all monochrome or, worse, red and black. Give us some colour. There is a rainbow to pick from, stop always grabbing the red one. We remember when Corsair Gaming first appeared with it’s yellow, so hooray for longevity.

Corsair HS80 Max Box

Inside the box you can see the Corsair HS80 Max kept snug and safe. Sometimes we get flimsy cardboard, or crinkly plastics. The Max befits its name with sturdy packaging.

Corsair HS80 Max Packaging

We’ve previously reviewed the regular black version of this Corsair HS80 Max headset, so it’s nice to see the white model taking a turn. It’s also pleasing to see Corsair not just making the plastics white, but changing the headband and ear pieces too.

Corsair HS80 Max Side

The headband is adjustable for maximum comfort. It has a floating effect. We’ve seen floating headbands before, and found them very comfortable. Normally over lengthy use that sags and they end up being on your head. With the extra support on the Corsair HS80 Max that shouldn’t be an issue.

Corsair HS80 Max

Connectivity and charging is handled by the Corsair Slipstream Wireless, and a Type-C cable. It’s worth noting that the cable port on the headset is formed to fit this exact cable, so if you’ve a surfeit of Type-C charging cables you might not be able to use them. The Max also supports Bluetooth, should that be more usable for you.

Corsair HS80 Max Wireless Dongle Cable

The microphone is small enough to not get in the way, but sensitive enough to receive all of your voice. Lift the arm up to mute, a method of obvious muting we prefer to a button.


Whilst there isn’t much RGB on the Corsair HS80 Max, you have nonetheless got a logo you can play with. You can also see the power button and volume dial in their shiny silver finish.

Corsair HS80 Max Logo

Here is the aforementioned USB Type-C charging connector. It’s a very specific design. Something we will cover in a moment.


It’s nice that manufacturers have settled upon a universal placement for the on-headset controls. We much prefer them to the inline remote of yore, but our muscle memory appreciates the power being above the volume dial.

Corsair HS80 Max Controls

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