Creative T50 Wireless Speakers Review

Creative T50 Wireless Speakers Review


So often when it comes to reviewing speakers we discover that manufacturers are absolutely obsessed with bass to the detriment of almost any other element. Loads of speaker sets are 2.1 with the satellite speakers being weedy numbers and a subwoofer that dominates proceedings beyond what any rational person would consider useful.

We’ve recently reviewed the Creative EMU X-7 Bookshelf speakers and found them to be tremendously good across the audio spectrum. What if you haven’t got quite the money to afford those, but also want a set of speakers that is just as happy pairing up to your phone as they are attached to your television or PC?

Enter the Creative T50 Wireless speakers. A pair of ported speakers that support Bluetooth connectivity as well as NFC and the regular old 3.5mm jack input.

Technical Specifications

The specifications for the T50 Wireless might look plain on paper but it doesn’t remotely express how gorgeous they are, both in looks and usability. By dispensing with the subwoofer you’re freed up in your choice of placement as well as the whole package being more portable. Although with its wireless connectivity you shouldn’t need to move them around very much. 

Connectivity is provided by everything that a modern tech-head could demand. Regular Bluetooth 3.0 for older devices, NFC for your phone/MP3 player and even 3.5mm jack inputs for everything else.

Creative T50 Wireless Speakers Review