Edifier Prisma Review

Edifier Prisma Review


In the final part of our look at Edifier Speakers, we’re looking at the tastefully named Prisma. If you’re one of those people who puts a lot of stock in such things then you’ll be interested to note that these are available on the Apple website. Given their desire for things that look great and perform well too, that’s already a vote of confidence in the quality we should come across today.

Edifier as a company name is a rather strange choice, given that edifying means to encourage spiritually or morally. That’s quite a lofty claim to make about audio products at this price range. Even the very finest speakers will struggle to morally uplift you, although some great music reproduced in transcendent quality can certain raise your spirits and speak to your soul. In keeping with the theme of otherworldliness, the sub on these is shaped like a pyramid, and surely if anything makes us ponder the meaning of life it’s the pyramids. Desiring the largest structure on the planet to hold your mortal body is nothing if not bizarre. However we’re not here to discuss the wisdom of the ancients, but to make our ears bleed and our neighbours irritated.

So without further ado let’s take a look, before we take a listen.

Technical Specifications

As with a lot of the Edifier products marketed for iDevices the Prisma is available in a raft of colours. We have white on hand today but it comes in black, silver, purple, red etc. Besides the satellites being quite tall everything is around where you’d expect for a unit such as this, so let’s move on and take a look.

  • Power Output: RMS 9Wx2+32W (THD=10%)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >=85dBA
  • Distortion:
  • Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
  • Input Sensitivity: Satellites–550+/-50mV; Subwoofer—200+/-50mV
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Bass Unit: 5″ driver, magnetically shielded, 5Ohm
  • Satellite Unit: 2.75″ oval shaped driver,4 Ohm and 3/4″ PV dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4Ohm
  • Dimensions: Subwoofer -248x199x294mm Satellite -96x234x118mm
  • Weight:  5kg