CM Storm Sniper


When it comes to computers, bigger isn’t always better. However, when it comes to cooling, it almost always is. The bigger the fan, the slower it has to spin to move the same amount of air as a smaller fan, thus producing less noise. So, whilst big fans make your PC look like a monster, fortunately they don’t make it sound like one.

Storm is currently a partner company to Cooler Master, with Cooler Master them assistance in establishing themselves. Therefore this case will be sold as the ‘CM Storm Sniper’. Storm have spent a great deal of time researching with gamers to come up with the ‘perfect case’. We also been informed, other models are in the works. The Sniper itself is aimed directly at gamers and air coolers. Featuring big grills and outrageously large fans, it should prove something of an air cooling treat, whilst also having the nifty feature of being waercooling-ready.

Here are the full specificaitions:

Available Color: Black
Material: Steel, ABS Plastic, Mesh bezel
(D)566.6 x (W)254.6 X (H)551 mm (D)22.3 x (W)10 x (H)21.7 inch
Net Weight:
10.6 kg / 23.42 lb
M/B Type: Micro-ATX/ATX
5.25″ Drive Bay: 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
3.5″ Drive Bay: 5 Hidden 1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)
Cooling System:
Front: 200x30mm Blue LED Fan x 1 (500 – 1000rpm, 17 – 23 dBA)
Top: 200x30mm Blue LED Fan x 1 (500 – 1000rpm, 17 – 23 dBA)
(can be swapped for two 120mm fans or 120x240mm Radiator)
Rear: 120x25mm Standard Fan x 1 (1200rpm, 17 dBA)
(can be swapped for 90mm fan or 80mm fan)
Bottom: Supports 140mm Fan x 1 or 120mm Fan x 1 w/ Dust Filter (optional)
Side: Supports 200x30mm Fan x 1 (optional)
120x25mm Fan x 2 (optional)
Expansion Slots:
Standard x 7, Special x 1
I/O Panel: USB2.0 x 4; IEEE1394 x 1; eSATA x 1; Mic x 1; HD Audio+AC’97 x 1

What can we say? The cooling looks incredibly impressive. Not only are there two 200mm fans inside the case, there are also mounting holes present so you can remove one of those fans to fit in a dual radiator for watercooling. It’s those little details that make all the difference, so without further ado, let’s move onto the case itself.