Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max ITX PC Case Review

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Conclusion – A solid case for a powerful small footprint PC

If you want a powerful PC that takes up very little desk space, Cooler Master’s NCORE 100 Max is a solid option. Not many ITX cases can accommodate most of the largest RTX 4090 models, and fewer can do so with an A5-sized footprint.

While its £359.99 asking price may seem high, it is worth remembering that this case ships with both a custom CPU cooling solution and an SFX power supplies with custom length cables. Just add your chosen motherboard, DRAM, storage, and graphics card and you have a fully fledged PC.

There are perks to having full-sized PC cases, but it is easy to see the appeal of compact computers. The NCORE 100 Max does not dominate every desk it sits on, and its small base leaves users with a lot of free desk space. The clean design of this PC case is also well suited to a variety of locations. It can be a great part of a gaming setup, design studio, or workstation.

PC build and GPU support

Building a PC within this case is a simple process. The layout is easy to understand, and the case’s pre-routed PSU cables make wiring your system a simple process. The only difficult part aspect of building a PC inside this case is GPU installation, but only if you push this case to the absolute limit. Yes, an ASUS ROG RTX 4090 Strix can fit inside this case, and no, fitting it inside was not easy. Just look how little clearance we had!

Honestly, this case leaves us with very little to criticize or complain about. The case is stylish, it is well built, and it is well designed. While Cooler Master’s claim that this case can support 357mm long GPUs pushes the limits of viability, it can be done. Similarly, complaints that Cooler Master could have pre-installed a higher capacity PSU (like their V1100 and V1300 SFX Platinum PSUs) can be countered with the simple fact that a majority of users will not need that level of power within an ITX PC case. 850 watts is enough if you aren’t overclocking an RTX 4090 and/or heavily overclocking your CPU.

Closing thoughts

The Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max is a great looking case. Yes, it is an expensive package, but we cannot argue with its build quality. This is a premium PC case, and it can fit some incredibly powerful hardware within its small footprint. This case will be the home of many powerful gaming PCs and workstations.

Modders should be aware that the aluminium side panels of this case can be painted or powder coated if you want this case in non-stock colours. Honestly, I think this is a shame that this case is only available in bronze and grey. This is especially true knowing that the bronze option is a limited edition model.

While there are cases like Cooler Master’s NCORE 100 Max, none have the same design flair as the NCORE. With its integrated cooling solution and PSU it is a great package for ITX PC builders, and its expandability ensures that this case will be able to support the next generation of large-sized graphics cards. This is a well designed and manufactured case, and a great choice for users who prioritise both PC performance and spatial efficiency. For these reasons, we are giving the case the OC3D Enthusiast Grade Award.

OC3D Enthusiast Award

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