Cooler Master Centurion 590

As mentioned at the start, enthusiast can often overlook a mid-range product simply through habit. The Centurion 590 is a shining example of why this shouldn’t the case. It’s a well designed chassis with a myriad of features that all hide away nicely behind its minimalist exterior. The Centurion 590 has enough fan mounts to generate a small tornado inside, and with a modders touch could be adapted very easily to accommodate a water-cooling loop. Inside there’s more than enough space to house the hefty GPUs and monstrous heatsinks that make up a modern system. The mass of drive bays means that the chassis will accomodate all but the largest of drive configurations.
However, unfortunately it’s not perfect. The major gripe I had was the fact that it’s constructed of steel. This probably isn’t so much of a issue as I perceive it to be but after being spoilt with Aluminium chassis for a good while, steel feels clumsy.The second issue was the easily marked paint. All brushes against the panels left a mark that wouldn’t polish out, and even in the sort time I had it the case developed a heavlily used look.
Now onto the cost. The Centurion 590, despite its many features can be picked up for the very reasonable price of £60 from Tekheads. This makes it even more attractive to the consumer who’ s looking for quality at a price.
Overall, if your looking for a solid, functional, good looking case and can overlook the steel and position it so it will come into little contact with anything harder than a feather duster, then the Centurion 590 should make the short list with no question.

The Good

  • Well thought out layout
  • More than enough fan mounts
  • Good looks
  • Quite Modable
 The Medium
  • Made of steel
The Bad
  •  Easily Scratched
Thanks go out to Cooler Master for providing the Centurion 590 for review
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