Cooler Master HAF 700 Review – Another Proper HAF!

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

Cooler Master’s Performance-Focused HAF 700 is here, and it is HUGE!  

Cooler Master has taken their HAF 700 EVO and have given it a fresh look and a lower price point. Today, Cooler Master has released their HAF 700, a colossal case that is designed to give users pure unadulterated airflow. 

The HAF 700 sits below the HAF 700 EVO within Cooler Master’s case lineup, offering users what appears to be an identical internal layout and a front panel design that lacks the EVO’s RGB lit elements and its IRIS LCD screen. If you didn’t care for these features, the HAF 700 is the case you have been waiting for, offering users an airflow-oriented HAF design with the size and scale of a Cosmos series enclosure. 

With support for motherboards that are up to EATX & SSI-EBB in size, the HAF 700 can support practically every consumer-grade motherboard in existence. Beyond that, this case has enough radiator space for an insane liquid cooling setup, which will be enough to cool practically any internal setup. 

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

Out of the box, the HAF 700 ships with two 200m ARGB fans at the front of the chassis and two 120mm sickleflow ARGB fans at the rear of the chassis. There is also a single 120mm ARGB fan at the bottom of the case, which is designed to force air upwards and towards your graphics card. 

Unlike the HAF 700 EVO, the HAF 700 included ARGB front mounted 200mm fans. The HAF 700 EVO uses black non-RGB fans, which makes sense given that case’s RGB front panel.    

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

Incredible Liquid Cooling & Motherboard Support

When it comes to liquid cooling, the HAF 700 can support up to a 420mm radiator at the top of the case or two 360mm radiators. At the top of the case, users have 110mm of space to play with, which means that you can use a 60mm radiator with push pull 25mm fans 80mm radiators with a single get of 25mm thick fans. The front of  side of this case also supports up to 1 480mm liquid cooling radiator, and the bottom of the case also supports a 360mm radiator.

No matter what kind of liquid cooled system you want to build, this case has enough space for you to play with. Personally, we like the idea of placing a distribution plate at the side of this case as a pump/reservoir solution, keep the case’s front 200mm fans as a cool air intake airflow (without a radiator), and then mount two 360mm radiators at the top of the chassis and a single 360mm radiator at the bottom of the case. That’s more than enough for a powerful CPU/GPU liquid cooling setup.

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

Insane modularity

Like the HAF 700 EVO, the HAF 700 can have its top removed for easy radiator installation, and most modular parts of this chassis are completely tool less, making the HAF 700 incredibly easy to build in. The sheer size of this case, and its modularity makes it easy for PC builders to install large components within the HAF 700, which is great news for frequent upgraders. 

    Intuitive Toolless Installation

To provide users easy access to their hardware as well as a sense of satisfaction during their creative journey, HAF 700 incorporates an extensive level of toolless installation into its mechanical design. Multiple patent-pending toolless features such as multi-function locking mounts, removable drive cage, and GPU installation design streamlines the building process, making for a revolutionary, unique installation experience. All internal case components are designed to be removable and swappable, so users can tailor the layout to best suit their needs.

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

Pricing and Specifications

Cooler Master has confirmed to us that their new HAF 700 will cost £349.99 in the UK and their press release has stated that the case will cost $249.99 in the US. The case will be available in the UK this October.

Cooler Master launches their HAF 700 - Another Proper HAF!

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