DeepCool Assassin IV White CPU Cooler Review

Introduction – The Assassin IV is now available in White

DeepCool’s Assassin IV CPU cooler is now available in white, and we love it!

One of our favourite CPU coolers of 2023 is now available in white! Today, we are looking at the DeepCool Assassin IV White, the latest version of the company’s premiere air-cooled heatsink. Today, we are putting this heatsink though its paces to see if it performs identically to its existing black counterpart. Does DeepCool now build the best white air-based CPU cooler? Let’s find out.

The era of the Noctua NH-D15 is over. Today’s CPUs are hotter than ever, and old favourites like Noctua’s NH-D15 are showing their age. I know that a lot of our readers will feel old when we remind them that the NH-D15 launched in 2014, and in the near decade since it has become clear that Noctua’s competitors can now produce better heatsinks. This is where DeepCool steps in with their Assassin IV, their newest high-end contender.

DeepCool Assassin IV Specifications

DeepCool’s Assassin IV is not the company’s first high-end CPU cooler. As you can tell from the name of this heatsink, the Assassin IV is the company’s 4th generation CPU cooler design. Out of the box the heatsink supports all of the latest consumer-grade CPU sockets from AMD and Intel.

The Assassin IV is a dual-fan heatsink that is designed with VRAM compatibility in mind, including two pre-installed fans, seven heatpipes, and two fin towers. The heatsink also ships with a bracket that can allow users to install a third fan, though this added fan could limit this heatsink’s RAM compatibility.

Out of the box, this heatsink can be used with all DDR4/DDR5 RAM kits, as even the tallest DRAM kits will not hit this heatsink. This heatsink also ships with a screwdriver and a small tube of thermal paste, and this tube of thermal paste is large enough to for multiple heatsink installations.

DeepCool Assassin IV Pricing

Right now, DeepCool’s new White Assassin is available at Scan Computers for £101.99. This is £16 more expensive than the black model at the same retailer. If you want this cooler is white, you will need to pay a small premium. Pricing between these two models may equalise after the white model has been on the market for longer.

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