DeepCool MORPHEUS PC Case Review

Meet the Deepcool MORPHEUS – Ultimate Level Versatility

Meet the DeepCool Morpheus – A Modder’s Dream

DeepCool’s Assassin IV CPU cooler has left us very impressed. When DeepCool told us that they had a new case to show us, we were eager to have a look. It wasn’t long after that that the DeepCool Morpheus showed up at our offices. DeepCool calls their Morpheus case their most customisable chassis to date, and that fact alone got us excited.

Today, we are having a good look at the DeepCool’s Morpheus. The case will be available at retailers soon, and it will be available in Europe for €189 for the white model and €179 for the black model. Sadly, we do not know how these prices will translate to USD or GBP, though all will be revealed when these cases land at retailers.

The DeepCool Morpheus is three cases in one

Users of the DeepCool Morpheus will be able to “morph” their case into one of three forms. On top of that, these forms have several variations, giving users a lot of customisation options. This case is designed to morph to suit your needs, which means that this case is ready for pretty much any hardware you want to throw at it.

I/O Options

Most cases ship with two or three USB ports, but DeepCool has opted to place five on the new Morpheus chassis. Four USB 3.0 Type-A connectors, and a single Type-C connector. Users can also manage their RGB lighting with a dedicated ARGB button, and connect to microphones and audio headsets using this case’s hybrid audio jack.

A Trinity of Fans

Within the Morpheus is a 3x 140mm fan unit that DeepCool are calling the “Trinity”. Strangely, this trio of fans is not available as a standalone product (at least right now). While we love the fact that these three fans have their RGB and PWM fan controlled by just two cables, we think it is a problem that we cannot buy these fans separately. I like my PCs to use matching fans, which means that I would probably not use these fans if I built a full PC inside the Morpheus. DeepCool needs to release these as a standalone product!

Digital Screen

Users of the DeepCool Morpheus will be able to monitor their CPU and GPU information at a glance with DeepCool’s digital screen. Using this screen users can look at CPU/GPU thermals, or utilisation, or switch between the two at 5 second intervals. Don’t worry Fahrenheit lovers, temperature readings can support those kinds of temperature readings too.

Case Specifications

The DeepCool Morpheus is a large PC case that supports up to EATX motherboards, three 420mm liquid cooling radiators, and graphics cards that are up to 480mm in length. It is a huge case that can be used with the largest of consumer-grade motherboards, graphics cards, and other components. The case is also highly customisable, with support for 120mm, 140mm, 180mm, and 200mm fans at various locations.

The Extra Bits

Users of DeepCool’s new Morpheus case can personalize their chassis with rubber square bits. Within the case’s box, we have a set of teal bits that match DeepCool’s logo, but no other colour options. If you want to customise your case further, you will need to buy more rubber bits. These bits can be added to the Morpheus’ front and top panels, but not on the case’s side panel. This feature is great for case customisation, as it allows users to add pixel art or other custom art to their cases.

Included with the Morpheus, DeepCool has also provided buyers with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable, a vertical GPU mounting bracket. Various panels are also provided that can be used to customise, or morph, their new PC case.

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