Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO


When you’ve been in the hardware world for as long as we have it’s often the case that there are some names which appear to utterly dominate the market and then, for whatever reason, slightly drop off the radar. They don’t always return. We still own a DFI Lanparty motherboard that was once the motherboard to have, and nobody has heard of DFI for a decade. As today’s review of the Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO might indicate, sometimes those manufacturers from your younger days can reinvigorate the market.

Sometimes though, after a streamlining of their manufacturing and design process and perhaps a refocus, they can return like a phoenix. One such company is Enermax, who were a massive name earlier in our careers and have still kept plugging away, but perhaps without the scale of market dominance that they once owned. With their recent product range refresh they are poised to, once again, be a name of which we’re all aware.

Part of their suite of products is their latest versions of the Liqmaxflo AIO coolers. These are available in a multitude of variants, but we’ve got the one that we feel will prove the most popular on hand, the Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO, with the 38mm thick radiator. AIO cooler designs have been fairly standardised over recent years, but the Enermax has a few different approaches that might interest those of you who have grown weary of the similar-looking ones currently available. Let’s take a look at the specifications before checking it out in the flesh.

Technical Specifications

As well as a host of different sizes the Enermax Liqmaxflo is available in different radiator thicknesses too. You have the model we’ve got today where the radiator is 38mm thick, whilst the SR edition has a 27mm radiator. You’re certainly not going to be left struggling to find a model that suits your requirements.

Enermax Liqmaxflo 360 AIO Specs

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