Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 Review

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2

Up Close:  Exterior Overview and Roof

Cases with decent sized windows are always appreciated here at OC3D.  There are a few exceptions of course.  If a case is designed to have a low sonic footprint then then a window would be detrimental.  Thankfully Fractal design also produce the Define series of silent cases leaving the coast clear for the ARC series to have a nice piece of slightly smoked acrylic occupying the greater part of the left side panel.  The presence of a window, more oft associated with balls out gaming cases does not however detract from the overall elegance of the Mini.  With only simple mesh panels, a pair of 5,25″ bay covers and a front I/O  breaking up the otherwise clean lines. 

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2


Practically the whole roof of the Mini is given over to a large mesh panel.  The panel is removable for cleaning as we’ll see when we get to the stripped section .

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2


The front I/O is situated on the front edge of the roof and consists of the usual pair of USB3.0, audio, power and reset.  There’s also a 3 speed fan controller up here which rather than being marked “High, Med and Low” is actually marked with the relevant voltages having 5v, 7v, and 12v embossed on it

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2