Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 Review

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2

Up Close:  Base, Rear, Roof and Reverse

The base of the case is able to accept ATX PSUs up to 170mm in length with a fan installed in the floor location.  Without the fan, any PSU up to 220mm will be fine.  As we saw from the outside there are 4 white vented PCI slot covers, with an additional vertically orientated slot for non mobo expansion devices. 

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2


As well as a rear 120mm fan Fractal have put a 140mm in the roof on extract.  We almost wish this was a 120mm model which would give us the option of swapping it to a front intake should the urge take us, but as it is it’s much appreciated.  The roof itself is a spacious place, with mounts for up to 3x120mm fans or a brace of 140mm units.  if you want to add that third 120mm fan you are of course going to lose the optical drive bay also.

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2


Behind the Motherboard tray is where it’s at for us, we’re kinda odd like that.  There’s plenty of room back here with the majority of the reverse side having 18mm of space, and some recesses a little more.  Fractal actually give the depth of space as 20mm but we feel 18mm is more reflective of the true amount available.  But who’s going to quibble over 2mm

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2


A feature we’re starting to see a little more often is the presence of stealth SSD mounts behind the motherboard tray.  We like the idea, but of course it does require skilful cable management and a good selection of well distributed cable tie points to work the necessary wiring into the loom.  Thankfully with 10 cable tie points the Mini doesn’t disappoint.  Along with the usual management holes running down the side of the mobo area Fractal have also put in a set of rubber grommeted holes up near the roof, perfect for the 8 pin CPU and numerous fan cables.

Fractal Design ARC Mini R2     Fractal Design ARC Mini R2