Hiper Osiris ATX Case

Founded in 2001 in Milton Keynes UK, Hiper (High Performance Group) has now established itself as a leading manufacturer of PC components worldwide. They offer PSU’s, media centers, case fans and other peripherals but today we are focussing our attention on their latest mid tower case – the Osiris.
Osiris is a name all Palaeontologists will be familiar with but for those that don’t indulge in scraping dust from ancient hieroglyphs, Osiris is the Lord of the Dead – King of the Overworld. His son, Anubis (also a case made by Hiper), was also named after an Egyptian God who was again associated with the afterlife. From ancient Egyptology it is said Anubis was replaced by Osiris, whose cult had become more significant and thus Anubis was said to have given way to Osiris out of respect. Hiper have continued the Egyption theme but gone backwards in terms of lineage as Osiris is the father (or brother depending on your source) of Anubis. Hiper however are keen to point out the Osiris is not a replacement for the Anubis but an addition to the case range currently available. Still with me? Good. Don’t you just love marketing?
Despite its menacing name, I doubt very much reviewing this mid tower case will give me some evil God like curse but all the same I will trudge through the depths of the underworld and inspect the finer details of this sarcophagus in the name of OC3D. So if you can bare the irresistible Egyptian clichés and would like to know if the Osiris really is a God among cases – read on….
Accessories & Specifications
Along with the case itself, Hiper have thoughtfully included a little zip pouch which they call the ‘Travel Pak’. I don’t quite know where you would travel to with a set of screws but it’s a thoughtful inclusion nonetheless. The Pak contains a host of fixings, some of which are quality anodised thumbscrews, to allow you to get straight on with your build without nipping out to the local DIY store to grab those screws that always tend to go missing during any PC build. Here’s the list of fixings you get:
Osiris Specifications
Also included in the Pak are 6 Velcro style cable ties and an Osiris Keyring. The cable ties I can see a point to and will no doubt come in handy during the build but I honestly don’t think I shall be sticking the keyring onto my car keys any time soon. With that said it is a nice metal keyring and not the plastic gimmicky types you sometimes come across so if you like your Egyptian Gods maybe this will appeal to you.
Let’s move on to take a look at the package itself.