Hiper Osiris ATX Case

OsirisI have been very meticulous during this review and have sometimes verged upon the nit-picking. Maybe its because I am currently looking to buy a case of my own and rarely go for a sub £100 case or maybe it’s because I have become accustomed to absolute quality and perfection when housing expensive hardware. Either way I have found it very difficult to find fault with the Osiris. While this case is not perfect and does have a few flaws, they are only minor and can easily be dismissed as when you consider an rrp of less than £80, the Osiris quickly becomes a leader in this price bracket.
First the good. Cooling was exceptional for a mid tower case if a little on the noisy side but this can be tempered to ones tastes with the addition of a fan controller or indeed quieter fans. The overall look of the case is very striking yet minimalist and fans of Lian Li and Silverstone will feel right at home with the quality of the finish. With the interior being black, excess cabling is less visible and continues to provide that quality feel which is carried on throughout the whole case both inside and out. The meshed areas work well with the case’s aesthetics and because this case is a light alloy with 78% aluminium you won’t break your back lifting it or break your heart dropping it (not recommended though).
It is easily large enough to hold crossfired or SLI’d high cards with the 3870×2 being a good 3 inches away from the 5.25″ drive bays. Large CPU HSF’s can also be used (Xigmatek S-1283 used for this review) although anything much taller won’t fit with only apx 10mm clearance of the side panel to spare, so do check your HSF’s height before purchase. The visible welds are a little unsightly but are much more secure than pop rivets or screwed designs ensuring durability for years to come and while I found it difficult not to use a screwdriver during this build, it was a lot less harrowing than the usual aching wrist affair with non tool-less cases.
Now the bad. The major disappointment for me was the missing option of a removable motherboard tray but due to its 100% solid welded frame it becomes apparent why a motherboard tray was not included. I would also liked to have seen a separate compartment in the lower section if nothing else but to hide the unsightly PSU cabling which if you don’t have a modular PSU will resemble a rats nest. I can see why a separate compartment was not included as with only one intake fan, cool air would not reach where it is required but all the same, I generally felt uncomfortable with a lot of the cabling just sat on the bottom of the case with no where to hide it. The addition of the Velcro straps do help somewhat but they can only tidy so much therefore additional space would have been nice to further hide the cabling especially when you consider the Osiris has a windowed side panel.
The windowed side panel itself is very lush and is perhaps the best cosmetic feature of the case along with the anodised finish but for reasons unknown to me, the side panels were not brushed but plain anodised. The thumbscrews, while a welcome addition, proved difficult at times to use and I had to resort to a screwdriver, negating the tool-less design due to the ridged casing areas.
The Ugly? Nothing to report unless you have an objection to hieroglyphs.
In short I am very impressed with the case and did not expect it to be as well made as it is. For £79.99 it’s most certainly a bargain and you will be very hard pushed to find a case built to these high standards unless you double that price. If my old school teacher were writing this review she would give it a B+ and make some dismissing comment such as ‘Very good but room for improvement’. Luckily she isn’t and I will therefore simply say, nit picking aside, this is one damn fine case that you will not be disappointed in and therefore gets the OC3D ‘Recommended’ and ‘Value’ stamps of approval.
Overclock3D Recommended AwardOverclock3D Value For Money Award
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