ID Cooling T60 SFX Case Review

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review


We’ll forgive you if you haven’t already heard of ID Cooling, they’ve not really been around that long, having only come to the attention of the world when they were announced at computex 2013.  They do though have something of a heritage behind them, having been founded by two veterans of the PC industry, and having a mother company that’s long been involved in the design and production of both CPU, motherboard and GPU cooling for many years.  With this pedigree they’ve struck out to bring products to the mass individual consumer market, starting with a range of fans and a brace of cases, here we take a look at the T60-SFX, a distinctly small form factor case, so small in fact that it should come with a waning to keep it away from children in case they choke on it. 

Technical Specification

 Dimensions  328x251x160mm DxHxW 
 Weight  3.0kg 
 Material  Aluminium alloy
 Motherboard support  M-ITX
 3.5″  1
 2.5″  2
 5.25″  0
 PSU  Micro ATX/SFX (not included)
 Cooling  1x92mm at rear
 Max GPU length  Dual slot up to 263mm
 Max CPU cooler height  125mm (reduced with SSD rack)