ID Cooling T60 SFX Case Review

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review

Up Close:  Exterior

We weren’t kidding when we said that the T60-SFX ought to come with a “choking hazard”warning label.  At only 328x251x160mm (DxHxW) it’s one of the smallest enclosures we’ve had here at OC3D towers.  Look at those figures again, measure them out with your fingers and just visualise how small this case is. 

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review     ID Cooling T60-SFX Review


Aside from the side panels, the case’s red exterior appears to be formed from a single piece of Aluminium.  In reality it’s several parts which have been formed and then interlocked to give a graceful almost parallelogram shape.  There’s little ventilation in the front panel itself, but large slits have been cut in both side panels and along the base on each side, the later of which will be crucial for allowing airflow to the GPU.  The side panels themselves are also formed from Aluminium and are held in place by four chromed screws on each side.  Although the screws have flat heads that can easily be tightened and released by hand, and have small rubber washers under the head to reduce vibration transmission.

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review     ID Cooling T60-SFX Review


ID Cooling have deliberately kept the exterior of the T60 clean and simple, tucking the front panel intake vent under a recessed chin so as to only be visible when viewed directly head on.  They’ve also applied the minimalist approach to the front I/O, with only a pair of USB3.0s and a power/reset button in the guise of the ID Cooling logo.  We have to say panel fit and finish are really quite exceptional, with ID cooling making a point of advertising that each case is hand inspected before dispatch we’d expect nothing less.

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review     ID Cooling T60-SFX Review


The rear of the case is a compact affair, with the only cooling in evidence being a clear bladed 92mm fan.  The two vented PCI slot covers also confirm that although small this case is able to support dual width GPUs.  Turning the case over to look underneath we find four small rubber capped chromed feet lifting the case a short distance off the deck.  The rest of the base is given over to horizontal ventilation holes that again should ensure good airflow in and up to the GPU area.

ID Cooling T60-SFX Review     ID Cooling T60-SFX Review