Lian Li O11D EVO Review

Lian Li O11D EVO Review

Introduction – The 011D, but better!

The idea behind the Lian Li O11D EVO is simple. Recreate the magic of the O11 Dynamic, but with more features, a more versatile design, and more space for fans, SSDs and radiators. Simply put, Lian Li wanted to create a better version of their already popular O11 Dynamic chassis. 

Today, we have the new Lian Li O11D EVO in for review, alongside many of the case’s add-ons. The phrase “they thought of everything” came up several times when looking though what Lian Li has included with this case and its add-ons. At a first glance, Lian Li has created the perfect modders case, though that perk has its trade-offs. 

What we have with the Lian Li O11D EVO is a barebones case, lacking fans and other essentials that would usually be packaged with modern PC cases. That said, this leaves us with a package that is truly a blank canvas, making the Dynamic O11D EVO a modders paradise. In this review, we will be exploring the Lian li O11D EVO, and discussing the options its presents to PC builders. 

Lian Li O11D EVO Review

Colour Options and RGB

Inspired from the style of the O11D XL, an LED strip runs between the glass and brushed aluminum of the front panel. In addition to controlling the RGB effects via the chassis button, the LED strip can also be synced to the motherboard or control via L-Connect. By clicking the C button, the LED strip can display 7 different static colors. Static Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, White.

By clicking the M button, the user can choose between 7 built-in lighting effects or go to the 8th mode to control the LED strip via the UNI HUB or motherboard (depending on which device the I/O is connected to). Pressing the M button 3 seconds while on the 8th mode turns off the LED.

Lian Li O11D EVO ReviewUpgrades over the O11 Dynamic

When compared to the O11 Dynamic, the O11D EVO features a larger overall design, support for a broader range of fan/radiator configurations and features many more configuration options. 

These changes are designed to give PC builders more options, allowing them to create PCs that better match their requirements. Beyond that, the O11D EVO acts as a solid baseline for modding, either though Lian Li’s official add-ons or via fully custom means. 

Behind its motherboard tray, the O11D EVO features more space for cable management and storage devices. The O11D EVO officially supports two power supplies, for users with extreme power requirements. 

Lian Li O11D EVO ReviewSpecifications

The Lian li O11D EVO is primarily constructed using 4 mm Aluminium, 1mm Steel and 4mm tempered glass, launching with both white and black colour options. The case officially supports EATX motherboards that are up to 280mm wide, and the chart below details the case’s support for fans, liquid cooling radiators and 2.5/3.5 inch storage devices.  


Lian Li O11D EVO ReviewPricing

Lian Li’s O11D EVO is launching with a global price of $159.99 ($169.99 in the US) for the case’s Black version and $169.99 ($179.99 in the US) for the white version. The case’s US pricing is higher because of import tariffs.