Lian Li PC343 ATX Case

Introduction & Specifications

Lian Li PC-343 CaseLian Li is a name well known amongst the modding community and for good reason too. The have built up a reputation world wide for quality well engineered and designed aluminium PC cases. Their designs are sleek and subtle, never bold or brash like some other mainstream manufacturers.

Most will have heard of the V2000, the V1000 and the PC-7 cases that are available on the market today. But have you heard of the PC-343? I’ve looked for it on Lian Li’s website and there is no mention of it at all?
The guys over at Aqua-PC’s have sent us a PC-343B for review and state that its perfect for any enthusiast wanting to build a high end system with high end cooling and has plenty of room to house it all. Now that to me is a very bold claim, but is it well founded?

Information on the PC343 is limited on-line but here are the details Aqua-PC’s advertise with the case:

• Dimensions – 515 x 458 x 460 mm
• Construction Material – Aluminum
• Weight – 8,15 kg
• Drive Bays – 18 x 5.25”
• Cooling – 2 x 80 mm, 3 x 120mm Exhausts
• Front Mounted Ports – 2 x USB, 1 x Firewire, 2 x Audio
• Motherboard – Up to full size ATX
The PC343 is a modular case, which basically means it comes as a bare unit which you buy extra accessories for depending on its intended use. There are a wide variety of accessories available and we are lucky enough to have some to look at today as well. Aqua-PC’s kindly sent us:
EX-33EX-33 Black HDD module £25.50 + VAT
This slots in to 3 drive bays and allows you to fit 3 HDD but also has a 120mm fan to help keep those Raptors cool.
Fan ModulePC-343 120mm Fan Module £17.30 + VAT
Also takes up 3 drive bays and allows installation of a front 120mm cooling fan. Aqua strangely sent us a silver module for the black case we have, but I’m guessing seeing as they have the exclusive in the UK for this that might be the reason why!
Rad MountPC-343 Rad top £12.77 + VAT
This is a replacement panel for the roof cut out and allows you to fit a 240mm rad like the Black Ice II.
FilterPC-343 PSU Filter Box £8.50 + VAT
Quite simply a shroud and filter for the psu, but stops the psu drawing in warm case air. The shroud seals the PSU fan off to draw cold air in through the perforations in the floor.
Fan BlindPC-343 120mm Fan Blind £4.50 + VAT
There are 3 120mm fan mounts on the back of the 343 so if you don’t want to use them all you will need one of these.

Fan BlindPC-343 Dual 80mm Fan blind £3.95 + VAT
Above the usual 120mm exhaust fan is 2 80mm fan mounts again if you don’t want to use these then this is a tidy way to hide them.

RadiatorDrive Bay Radiator Mounting Brackets £6.38 + VAT
This is a brilliant and cheap way to mount radiators in the drive bays.
There are other accessories available on the Aqua-PC’s website – here are some that caught my eye….
PC-343 Top Window £9.00 + VAT
Another replacement panel for the roof but this time an acrylic window to show off your hardware.

PC-343 Windowed Side Panel £30.00 + VAT
A replacement side panel with an acrylic window, an easy way to show off all that prized hardware.

PC-343 Dual PSU plate £9.00 + VAT
Simply remove 6 bolts and slot this plate in to add another PSU in to your system.

PC-343 Perforated Bezel £5.00 + VAT
Perfect for that extra bit of air flow, matches the 120mm Fan mount and HDD mount if you like a matching look to your case.

PC-343 Optical Bezel £7.95 + VAT
Nice and clean looking optical bay cover to match the case.

PC-343 Fan Top £11.50 + VAT
Another Replacement roof panel for 2x 120mm fans if you need that extra bit of airflow for that overclocked quad or multi GPU set up.