MSI Maestro 700L PZ PC Case Review

Meet the MSI Maestro

Meet the MSI Maestro 700L PZ – A turning point for MSI’s case designs

MSI have upped their game when it comes to PC cases. Normally, MSI’s PC cases are for MSI enthusiasts, those who want an all-MSI PC. Thanks to the MSI Maestro, MSI now have a case that can appeal to all PC enthusiasts, even those who would normally prefer other brands. The case’s 270-degree tempered glass side panel looks marvellous, and is clearly a step up from the multi-panel designs that other manufacturers use.

The Maestro 700L PZ is a great-looking PC case. That’s why we requested one for review. We wanted to see if this case’s functionality is as strong as its appearance. Is this case’s beauty only skin deep? or is this case a real masterpiece?

The MSI Maestro was our highlight of CES 2024

When we visited the MSI booth at CES 2024, the Maestro 700L PZ was easily our favourite product on show. Yes, they had a lot of OLED monitors on show, a new gaming handheld and a lot of GPUs, but the Maestro simply resonated with us. That’s why we wanted to see and use the case ourselves, and see if it is worthy of recommendation outside of the CES showroom environment.

MSI Project Zero

One important thing to mention about the Maestro is its support for Project Zero (back-connect) motherboards. This is why the case is the Maestro 700L PZ. The PZ stands for Project Zero.

MSI’s Project Zero hardware is designed to make cable management an easier process. With cables at the back of motherboards, the interiors of most PC cases become much cleaner. In the era of tempered glass PC cases, back-connect motherboards help PC builders and system integrators to create ultra-clean looking systems. That said, not all PC cases are compatible with back-connect motherboards. MSI’s new Maestro 700L PZ is compatible with both standard PC motherboards and back-connect motherboards.

We have already had a look at MSI’s Project Zero products, and you can read our thoughts on it here.

Pricing and Specifications

With an asking price of $419, MSI’s new Maestro 700L PZ case is for the most hardcore of PC hardware enthusiasts. A lot of that cost comes from this case’s huge tempered glass side panel, which features an aggressively angled 270-degree bend. Why are MSI calling it 270-degree when you could equally call it a 90-degree bend? Marketing? Who knows…

For that price, the Maestro is an incredibly expensive PC case, specially when you factor in the cost of fans. Yes, the Maestro ships with no fans. Users of this case will need to buy their own. Out of the box, this case does feature a few useful add-ons. These add-ons include a PCIe 4.0 riser cable, a vertical GPU mounting solution, and a GPU stand.

The MSI MEG Maestro 700L PZ is a HUGE PC case. It supports motherboards up to EATX in size and supports ATX Back-Connect (Project Zero) motherboards. The case features two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays for HDD or SSD storage, and is compatible with graphics cards that are up to 430mm long. Below are the full specifications of MSI’s Maestro 700L PZ chassis.

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