OrigenAE X15e HTPC ATX Case


A short while ago I reviewed OrigenAE’s X10 case. Being highly impressed with its overall build quality and attention to detail the case managed to obtain our ‘Editors Choice’ award, and a total score of 8/10.

After seeing our review, OrigenAE asked if we’d like to take a look at their flagship model, the X15e. Intrigued as to how OrigenAE could make what was almost a perfect case any better I just had to take a look.


The X15e arrived in perfect condition all the way from OrigenAE’s Marketing / Sales offices in France. Using very similar packaging to the X10, the X15e is contained within a double walled cardboard box, and is protected by two oversized polystyrene inserts. Even the roughest of couriers would have problems causing any damage to the X15e in this packaging.

OrigenAE X15e Packaging OrigenAE X15e Packaging

OrigenAE X15e Packaging OrigenAE X15e Packaging

Keeping it nice and simple, OrigenAE have printed their logo on the top and sides of the box. To let you know what’s contained inside OrigenAE have placed a sticker on the top of the box. From the images above we can see that I’ve been sent the black version of the X15e.

Also included on the side of the box is a specification sticker, which gives you some of the basic information about the case. Here we can see that the X15e has a 7″ Touchscreen display, Full ATX motherboard and PSU support and an all Aluminium construction amongst other things.

Something that’s not shown in the pictures above is the protective polystyrene layer that covers the front of the case. This prevents any harm from coming to the LCD display during transit.

OrigenAE X15e Packaging OrigenAE X15e Packaging
Typical English summer time weather was clearly in effect during the photo shoot, with half of the images looking under-exposed as the sun hid behind the clouds.

OrigenAE have placed the X15e inside a plastic bag, and have also gone to the extra trouble of protecting the LCD screen with a plastic cover. Hopefully this should ensure that no nasty scratches find their way on to your purchase.