Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review

Silverstone Fortress FT04

Interior Continued

In a throwback to the days of old Dell and HP server cases Silverstone for some bizarre reason have chosen to include an extended expansion card support.  The rest of the plastic assembly does a least serve to duct the air from the intake fans towards the GPU and motherboard area.  Silverstone have also gone old school on the 5.25″ bays, forgoing any temptation to include tool free fittings.

   Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     


We have to look steeply upwards into the case to see where the PSU lives.  if you’re wondering just how you fit it, don’t fret, as it’s all done from the outside via the removable roof panel.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review


The inverted motherboard layout also makes things look pretty odd on the reverse side.  30mm or so of room though should make cable management a doddle though.  Anterior to the vertical management holes there is a large vertical gap, which although unsightly does make it very easy to move cables about the case.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review  


A large cut out at the top of the case is provided for PSU cables to exit down the reverse side.  posterior to this there is a smaller cut out, but it’s unlikely this will be of any use to you unless your using a short PSU, which given the price and intended uses of this case is very unlikely.  There’s also a large  gap down along the base of the removable motherboard tray (yes we said removable), which again makes it very easy, although messy to move cables about. 

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review