Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review

Silverstone Fortress FT04

The Build

Aside from very comprehensive instructions Silverstone also include a glossy brochure detailing all their products, you know, for the times when your internet is broken and you have to go “analogue”.  You also get a box packed with accessories, brackets, cable ties and the usual screws.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review


It’s not strictly speaking necessary to remove the motherboard tray to fit the motherboard, but you know, “When in Rome” and all that.  In reality it does make fitting easier, and if you’re planning a water-cooled rig it will be much easier to attach the various blocks and barbs in this manner.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review


The motherboard tray slides in easily from the reverse side and is held in place by three screws (one of which took us a while to find).  The expansion slots don’t have thumb bolt retainers, so again you’re going to need your trusty screwdriver.  Thankfully Silverstone have thought to cut some holes in the sides to enable your driver to line up with the screw heads.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review


We said it was a tight fit for the PSU didn’t we.  Tighter than a Nuns Nacho in fact.  We’ve mounted the PSU with the fan up as owing to the layout of the cables on the rear this gives us that little bit more length to play with.

Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review     Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review