Waterblock Shootout

Test Results
In the pressure versus flow rate chart below, we can see just how restrictive/unrestrictive each block is to the natural flow of the Laing DDC Pro pump. The first thing that really stands out here is the Aqua Computer Cuplex HD. While Aqua Computer market the AC Cuplex HD as a high-flow block, it is actually anything but. However, it does manage to sustain a very reasonable rate of pump head.
Pressure vs Flow chart
Furthermore, in our in-loop testing the AC Cuplex HD returns slightly higher average core temperatures on our overclocked Q6600 processor (3.5GHz/1.45v). We can also see the move away from the EK Supreme and stock D-Tek FuZion waterblocks by the XSPC Delta V3 and Swiftech Apogee GTZ waterblocks.
The Swiftech Apogee GTZ returned consistently good temperatures too with the backplate and screw-down mounting system that Swiftech has incorporated into its design. You can quite literally screw the block down hard and as a result (according to my testing) the temperatures on all four cores on the Q6600 were very close to being identical. I would have liked to have had a D-Tek FuZion V2 to make a better comparison, but unfortunately I don’t have one at my disposal.
The XSPC Delta V3 really surprised me here to be honest. I can’t believe the difference in cooling potential of this waterblock when compared to the first version that XSPC released last year.
Overclocked idle and load temperatures
Looking at the ΔT temperatures of each block, the chart below really illustrates how well each block did. The XSPC Delta V3 and Swiftech Apogee GTZ results are so close. Unfortunately though, the AC Cuplex HD waterblock trails behind the pack a little in terms of cooling capacity.
Delta T temperatures
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