MSI P67 Big Bang Marshal Review

MSI P67rB3 Big Bang Marshal Review

SiSoft Sandra

Processor Arithmetic

The two synthetic CPU tests from the SiSoft Sandra suite should be identical at stock because they truly test the CPU rather than any of the accompanying hardware. Yet despite that the Marshal is a long way behind the Intel reference design when run at stock.

Overclocked things pick up considerably with the Dhrystone test beating the hyper-threaded 2600K let alone the overclocked i5-2500K.


Processor Arithmetic

The second CPU test is much kinder to the Marshal. It’s still slower than our reference board but by nowhere near as much. Our behemoth of an overclock is just about enough to put our i5-2500K to the top of the pile, which considering it’s up against the overclocked i7-2600K is a mighty achievement.