MSI P67 Big Bang Marshal Review

MSI P67rB3 Big Bang Marshal Review

PC Mark Vantage

And so away from the synthetic we fire up one of the best test suites on the planet, PC Mark Vantage. No matter what synthetic testing tells us this is the truest reflection of how your system will be in daily use.

It’s fair to say, not amazing if the Big Bang Marshal is at the heart of your system. The reference Intel board outperforms it by some distance in both overclocked and stock configurations. So much so that the stock one is almost keeping up with the 5GHz Marshal. Ugh.


CineBench R11.5

Before we move onto gaming benchmarks Maxons CineBench is the last of our “application” based tests. Again the stock Big Bang Marshal is disappointing, but at least the clockspeed reliant CineBench manages to make the best out of our 5GHz i5-2500K.