MSI P67 Big Bang Marshal Review

MSI P67rB3 Big Bang Marshal Review

Alien vs Predator

Thankfully AvP has its roots so firmly in the world of the console that it gives uniform results regardless of the CPU or speed behind it and just pushes the GTX570. Therefore, error tolerance aside, everything comes out even. Yes the maximum rate of the stock Marshal is the lowest of the six, but we’re expecting that by now.


Crysis Warhead

The variance of Crysis Warhead has been well documented on these pages and if there was ever a time we were willing it to “play ball” it was today, if only to give the Marshal a semblance of dignity before we concluded. However the results were even harsher than anything that has come before. The 5GHz overclock only just broke 60FPS when we know that this setup is easily capable of giving us an 80FPS average on a good day.