Asus EAH 4890 1GB DDR5 PCIe Graphics card

3DMark is a popular synthetic gaming benchmark used by many gamers and overclockers to gauge the performance of their PC’s. All 3DMark runs were performed a total of 5 times, with the highest and lowest results being removed and an average calculated from the remaining 3 results.



Results Analysis

No surprises here really. The EAH4890 is certainly a capable card, beating the XFX 4870 XXX easily in all of the runs of 3DMark but cannot compete with the GTX285, much less the dual GPU cards. Consideration should be given to the fact that the XFX 4870 is a pre-overclocked card (review to come soon) so the differences between the 4890 and a stock 4870 would no doubt be larger.

Let’s see if this transfers over to our real world gaming benchmarks.